S01E13: Krista Goon, Co-Founder of Redbox Studio

This final episode of the first season is about me. I was asked by Anushia Kandasamy to talk about my own journey of how I got to be where I am today.

The idea sat with me for a while but it also sounded like an excellent way to end the first season of my fledgling podcast!

krista goon redbox studio

I didn’t start out with entrepreneurial ideas after I graduated from university. I just wanted to climb the corporate ladder and become really good at communications.

But life is surprising and gave me opportunities to become more of what I wanted to be. I am an entrepreneur with my own business, one that I share with my husband and business partner, Nic. He is also my best friend in business!

We wrote and published a business book together in 2016. We also came together to start a community book project that has now raised more than RM150K for charitable causes.

I also co-founded a women entrepreneur organisation called WomenBizSENSE in 2006 with a good friend of mine, Josephine. Like most ideas, we thought we just wanted to create a network of women in business (for women just like us) so that we could meet other women and support and grow each other. WomenBizSENSE in Penang today is one of the most recognized women organisations, working hand in hand with the Penang State Government on women entrepreneurship matters.

Along the way, I decided I wanted to start a podcast. It came from an idea after I started listening to podcasts on my iPod. I never imagined that the little seed of an idea became a reality.

In this episode, I talk about courage and fear and about strategies for standing out when no one knew who I was back in the early days of being in business.

I talk about my business and why we do the things we do. And I never take success for granted (and yes, I do work hard at what I like and I’ve been told I am strategic and focused). If I want something, I would go all out to make it happen.

I love being in business as I love the autonomy and freedom of making decisions. I love being a creator and I enjoy helping people get better at what they do and shining a light on their milestones.

Let me know what you think of this final episode of the season. (Also have you checked out our recent Womenpreneur Asia FB Live launch? 10 women, 1 hour 49 minutes and so much of incredible fun and love!)

I am already lining up guests for Season 2 and I hope to launch Season 2 in mid-March. And if you have friends in mind for our next season, do nominate them.

Thank you for reading this and listening to the episodes and being a source of constant support!

Website: Redbox Studio
Book: Web Wisdom

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  1. What an interesting and inspiring journey in different areas of life: copywriter, WomenBizSENSE, web design, entrepreneurship, event hosting, marketing, book adoption center…and cafe113 is my favorite well lol (but more on the blood)

    1. Thank you Gideon for your support and encouragement as always. I have always been innately curious about the world and the different paths I took are just my ways of understanding the world and also my personal inclinations. Haha, glad we have Cafe 113 in common but looking for a parking spot is not easy along that busy street. I am now working on Season 2 and I’ve found so many interesting women too and thank you for nominating the guest and yes I have contacted her already. Please continue being our male advocate for women’s voices. We need men like you onboard!

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