About Krista

Host & Creator of Womenpreneur Asia

Hello there!

I’m Krista Goon and I’m the host and creator of Womenpreneur Asia, a podcast that I started because I wanted to hear stories from other Asian women entrepreneurs.

Stories that make you pause and reflect.

Stories that help you understand entrepreneurship.

Stories that showcase hope, courage and optimism.

I’ve always been interested in entrepreneurship stories since I became an entrepreneur and later, co-founded a women entrepreneur organisation in Penang, Malaysia where I live. Over the years that I have been in business, I have seen how tenacious women can be about business. And I always admire the fact that women can juggle almost everything while running a business!

If you are new here, do check out my virtual podcast launch on FB Live, featuring women from our Season One.

In April this year, Penang Monthly featured my story too with the headline “Penangite Launches Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs”.

The Everyday Asian Woman’s Perspective

I have also been a big fan of podcasts since the day I bought my iPod more than 10 years ago. I started listening to entrepreneurship and leadership podcasts while I was on my evening walks in the park. Podcasts were an effective way for me to learn new ideas, find out more about the world and understand different perspectives.

But those perspectives were mostly Western and to a large extent, American.

No doubt they were useful for I’ve implemented many marketing and business ideas. However, I felt something was missing.

I wanted something more.

What about a podcast that showcased Asian women’s perspectives about starting, growing and sustaining their entrepreneurial ventures?

Real everyday women.

Women who aren’t celebrities but run businesses that they love.

Women who could share insights about the ups and downs of managing and operating a business.

Women who aren’t afraid to show you their vulnerability about themselves and their challenges.

I was interested to the heartbreaking stories of real grit and perseverance. The stories that we all needed to hear if only to help us get over our own fears.

I had to start this podcast.

As a speaker, mentor and entrepreneur, I speak about my own experiences as a woman in business. I have met and spoken to lots of women entrepreneurs. And I have also mentored women in business. I have also shared many women’s entrepreneurial stories during conferences and workshops.

I have always believed that the more stories we listen to, the more we are inspired and that’s how we move forward collectively.

Above all, I love hearing stories. I enjoy talking to women and uncovering anecdotes and experiences about their lives, family and business. I chalk it up to my keen interest in journalism when I was in university. This stemmed from my love for reading and writing as a child after encountering my first Enid Blyton.

My love for stories encompasses what I do in our business for our clients (we tell our clients’ best stories through their websites). Perhaps it was a natural progression that I felt this crazy desire to start a podcast after years of listening to them.

Yet this podcast idea sat with me for a long time. So long that I had to get to Hawaii to make sure I made this podcast a reality. (Listen to Episode 1 for the strange twist of events.)

Since I still run my business, I have to be pragmatic about my time availability. This is why the Womenpreneur Asia podcast is seasonal. Each season presents 13 episodes (so that I get a break in between sessions of pitching my guests, preparing and researching, recording, editing and publishing my episodes).

Season One ended in January this year after 14 episodes (including my bonus episode) and Season Two just launched with this episode. All episodes are sponsored by my company, Redbox Studio. I am already preparing for Season Three!

Personal Entrepreneurship Stories of Asian Women Entrepreneurs in Asia

My podcast guests are amazing women, each with her own start-up and success story.

But more than success, I want my guests to be open and honest enough to share their harrowing heartaches, pivotal lessons and unending challenges of starting or growing a business while transforming the lives of others who cross their paths. Many a time, a woman in business will impact and improve the community she lives in.

I hope my podcast gives you a way to enjoy the conversations I’ve been privileged to have. I hope these episodes help you as you embark on your own entrepreneurial journey.

In summary, Womenpreneur Asia is about giving a voice to Asian women entrepreneurs.

These are personal entrepreneurship stories of everyday Asian women, just like you. Join me to promote and advance Asian women’s entrepreneurship through Womenpreneur Asia!

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