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Womenpreneur Asia

Womenpreneur Asia is a podcast for women entrepreneurs and aspiring women entrepreneurs. The seasonal podcast consists of weekly episodes where we have some of the most insightful conversations with women entrepreneurs across Asia. Hosted and created by Krista Goon, this brand new podcast features a woman entrepreneur each week. Listen in as we uncover the highs and lows of entrepreneurship including candid stories and creative transformations.


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Season 2…Launched!

Each season runs for 13 weeks and each week, we present to you a new episode. Each episode features an hour’s interview with an Asian woman who opens up about herself, her story and her business while remaining incredibly real, down-to-earth and resilient. We just launched Season 2 so check out the new episodes!

I am an entrepreneur and I know how challenging the journey can be. I wished I had a podcast to listen to and learn from when I was starting out in my business journey.

Krista GOON

Womenpreneur Asia is made for you if you want to be inspired by impactful, entrepreneurial women in Asia. Enjoy the conversations that I’ve been privileged to have. Be empowered and inspired to do even better in your own entrepreneurial journey. I know I’ve learnt best when I hear stories that inspire me to do better!

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