S05E001: Teh Wuan Xin, Founder & CEO of AI Talent, Malaysia

How can we make parents see that it’s not just about exams? Their kids need to learn about how to calculate cost, how to make their first sale or even how do you work together in a team of five. All this are important for kids.

teh wuan xin

Today’s episode is with an entrepreneur from Malaysia, Teh Wuan Xin.

She is the Founder & CEO of AI Talent, a business that develops child entrepreneurs. At its core, it is an e-learning platform that provides a conducive environment for children to start their business journeys where they learn from entrepreneurs and corporate leaders through projects. 

teh wuan xin aitalent malaysia children programme
Wuan Xin is passionate about helping children learn real skills for the real world.

According to their website, they have partnered with more than 70 corporations and trained more than 200 coaches and 150 education centres.

Hers is a B2B business where they sell their entrepreneurial programmes to education centres as part of their offerings. Currently, AI Talent has grown beyond Malaysia to offer its programmes to Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia and The Philippines. 

So I continue to ask, is there something I can do? Is there more that I can do? Do I have to stay an employee? Would it be possible for me to start something? And it made me think in terms of my intention to actually work. And I realize is that because everyone else has a job. If I don’t have a job, it feels like I’m the outcast.

What I appreciate about Wuan Xin is her youthful enthusiasm, collaborative spirit and true optimism. 

She candidly reveals that she failed at her first startup but took the lessons to grow her present business not just in Malaysia but throughout Asia. She also talks about the importance of having a bucket list and how the pandemic helped her business in so many ways and the leadership lessons she learned. 

Listen till the end as she reveals what her day-to-day is like and her best productivity hack.

Wuan Xin says, “I envision building a world where nobody feels lost. I want children to know their strengths clearly by having hands-on working experiences in different industries and running their mini-companies. Children are very creative and full of potential. They are the drivers of the future.”

I’m no longer afraid of talking to people. Previously I might be thinking they are [so famous] and I would have that inferiority complex. But now I feel comfortable. I was talking to the co-founder of Fave and his turnover is like, what hundred million a month and to them, they still feel small as compared to Grab and Touch and Go and all that. But to me, it’s when I get to talk to people that run huge businesses that I start to learn things from them, start to know how to ask questions, relevant questions.

She has worked on an organic farm in Japan before and she says,” I know it’s weird but I’m really proud of that!” She tells this story in much more detail in this episode. 

She was also the top president of the best club among all the clubs when she was the president of The Lions Club of KL Capital. And she is most proud of forming AI Talent with a clear purpose and vision. 

Wuan Xin is an action-taker who believes that if she can do it now, why wait until tomorrow? It might explain why her favourite book is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. In this episode though she recalls a personal loss that reminds her of being present every day. 

Her favourite quote comes from Gary V who says: “I believe there are millions of kids under 18 potentially making 6 figures on social media and Youtube. While everyone is focused right now on The Great Resignation, what none of them realizes is that the great resignation never applied in the first place!” 

Wuan Xin says she is inspired by Al Gore and “that was when I decided to take Environmental Science at the University of New South Wales, Australia”. The same love for the environment prompted her to start her first business and although it failed, she took the lessons to help her become a smarter entrepreneur today.

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