S02E05: Shadaitul Intan, Director of Profound Learning Solutions, Malaysia

“Success is when you can be a contribution to the world,” says Shadaitul Intan.

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In this fifth episode of Season 2 of Womenpreneur Asia, I spoke to Shadaitul Intan, the director of Profound Learning Solutions Sdn Bhd, a training consultancy based in Malaysia. 

Intan, as she is fondly known, grew up in the small town of Batu Gajah, Perak but was encouraged by her father to be who she wanted to be. She admitted she once drove a Ferrari that wasn’t hers and she even set up a daycare centre prior to setting up this training consultancy business.

She was 33 and a single mother of 2 daughters when she started her business.

Intan is a Certified EQ Assessor, Mindfulness and NLP Practitioner whose aim is to help leaders and professionals lead and live happier, more productive and more impactful lives. 

She went from being a bank executive to a unit trust consultant and finally found her calling in being an entrepreneur and trusted trainer for corporations and companies.

Intan is warmly endearing – she is a great conversationalist and a great people-builder as you will hear from this interview of ours. She cares for the people around her and this makes her the perfect person to coach and train others. Optimistic and open, Intan is passionate about bringing awareness to the whole person and this is why she talks about health issues such as how to be emotionally strong and be self-aware of one’s emotions at the workplace. 

Intan has more than 25 years working experience in the corporate sector and is known in the industry as a versatile trainer whose intention is to bring joy, productivity and performance back to the workplace. 

In her training, she emphasizes the importance of mindset and attitude to create results in life. She incorporates elements of EQ, mindfulness and NLP to help participants become more effective in managing themselves and others.

Intan loves this quote by Arianna Huffington – “If you take care of your mind, you take care of the world”. Her favourite book of all time is the classic, Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. She tells me that she is inspired by Oprah Winfrey. 

“When we think of survival, we think about scarcity. But we need to learn to be collaborative as businesswomen. And to be able to do a collaboration, we need to have an abundance mindset.”

Shadaitul Intan

As an experienced corporate trainer, Intan makes every session come alive with interactivity and high levels of engagement. She is highly professional yet humble, despite having trained more than 15,000 people in her physical workshops.

Intan was able to quickly embrace the changes of the new norm and pivoted from face-to-face training to virtual training and has managed to attract regional and global attendees for her workshops. She calls the pandemic a blessing as she began to get regional and global attendees for her online workshops. 

“As women, it’s important that we deliver results and
not be shy about talking about our work.”

Shadaitul Intan

What’s in this episode:

  • What this single mother did to plan her exit from the corporate world after realizing finance wasn’t her cup of tea 
  • How she made sure she learnt the business skills she knew she needed but didn’t yet have 
  • What she realised about the world when she became an entrepreneur (and how she learnt through heartbreaking mistakes how to separate business from friendship)
  • The insights Intan learnt about running her own business and selling in the B2B space which was completely different from her previous role in B2C selling 
  • The two factors that helped her succeed in the training consultancy business 
  • Why she’s not afraid to give shout-outs to other trainers in the industry even though they are competitors
  • How she built her credibility in the online world (and why she feels strongly that women in business must learn this core skill or forever struggle) 
  • Why narcissism is the worst trait to have if you want to make it in the training industry

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  1. Lessons that I learned from this episode:
    1) Training is a serving industry, not for Narcissist or superstar
    2) Not comparing to industry players, as you are working on your own niche market

    1. Hi Gideon! Yes, Intan had so many good words of wisdom and advice. I loved her candour and abundance mindset. And she is comfortable with who she is and what she is doing now, knowing that the world is big enough for many trainers.

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