S01E14: Bonus – Anushia Kandasamy Interviews Krista Goon, Episode 14

This is a bonus episode where Anushia Kandasamy (of Episode 4) decides to reverse the roles and asks me questions!

She did a brilliant job as she made me talk about what mattered to me the most and how I ended up doing what I do now. I also had many a-ha moments during the course of our interview as I realised how stories have been a major influence in my life even from a young age.

Anushia and I in an event that she was facilitating in 2018

I spoke about being uncomfortable, bored, angry and curious and these emotions catapulted me into starting life-changing projects that impact the community and solve problems. In this episode, I also spoke about the importance of raising leaders while being fulfilled and happy at what I do.

Thank you Anushia for making me tell my story! I couldn’t have done it without your push and insistence. And if you haven’t heard her story yet, listen to Episode 4 where I put her in the hot seat!

And if you’re wondering about Season 2, the good news is….I am launching the new season on 16 April so stay tuned!

A new episode goes up each Friday for the next 13 weeks starting 16 April. I hope you’re as excited as I am as this season, I spoke to more inspiring women in business in Malaysian and beyond!

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  1. what a good ending to the season 1 finale…alot of gold nuggets to learn from this episode about starting/doing something new, unique, different and sometimes difficult..

    1. It is, isn’t it? The greatest surprises arrive when we go with the flow sometimes and not overthink. I said yes to Anushia when she asked if it was better for her to talk to me and get me talking. And look how amazing it turned out to be! Part of my reason in doing this podcast is to help others unearth the potential in themselves and if I can do that via a podcast, I am one happy and fulfilled woman.

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