S01E09: Dr Vimi Ramasamy, CEO of STRAVIK

This week, I spoke to Dr Vimaleswari Ramasamy who is the CEO and founder of STRAVIK based in Penang, Malaysia. 

vimi ramasamy stravik penang
Dr Vimi provides strategic clarity and operational expertise to help companies grow effectively.

STRAVIK is a business consulting provider, offering business startup consulting to foreign or multinational companies keen to establish a strong presence and foothold in Malaysia.

It also offers business optimisation consulting to organisations and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) looking to increase revenue by ensuring people, processes and systems are working effectively and efficiently.

Together with her team, she provides strategy and operational expertise.

But she wasn’t always an entrepreneur.

She graduated as an engineer and she loved challenges and problem-solving. Her late father even gave her a challenge – to repair the washing machine! To her credit, she managed to not just repair the washing machine but went on to excel in her career as a female engineer and was at one point, working in the US.

She kept climbing the career ladder in the multinational corporations that she worked in and later chose to expand her perspective by entering the human resources field. From being an engineer, she became a HR professional within the corporation. In this field, she learnt about managing people and helping them reach their career goals.

Before she left to start STRAVIK, she was the managing director for a UK-based multinational company for five years, growing the company to a 600-strong workforce. She was also its first Malaysian female managing director.

She is also a mother and wife and in this interview, she talks about why she left the corporate world, a world she has known since the day she started working some 20+ years ago.  

We discuss the fears of leaving the corporate world as well as the value and importance of a good support system when you’re making tough decisions and what drives her to after her dreams.

Website: STRAVIK.com
LinkedIn: Dr Vimi Ramasamy

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  1. I have learned a lot from the Dr Vimi session, about her journey from corporate to entrepreneur. Not only that, Dr Vimi shared her perspective how to fare in life, work with others and ultimately look at our meaning of life.

    1. Great thoughts Gideon! I was also relistening to this episode yesterday while driving and yes, she did share quite a lot of good advice for corporate folks leaving the corporate world for the world of entrepreneurship particularly the section on strengths and what you can do to identify your strengths.

    2. Gideon, appreciate feedback as alwats and so glad that my sharings has been helpful. Pleasant day! 😊

  2. I’m so inspired and would like your advice on how to overcome the fear and the financial losses due to pandemic and would like your opinion on how to go about to revive . I’m running a music school and most parents refused to sent their children and online courses and most of them are in financial constrain and they are holding back due to that major issue . So pls advice as you know most of our students are young and teens and though we do have adult program . Thank you and looking forward to your assistance 😊🙏

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Jennifer! I will bring this question up during our virtual launch on FB Live this Sunday, 10 January (4pm) for our panel of women CEOs to answer! They will be more than happy to give you advice. So I hope you can log on to fb.com/redboxstudio to watch the one-hour session.

    2. Hi Jenny – looks like we got connected thru another channel. Thank you for your kind feedback & will connect. Cheers. 😊

  3. Please let me know how I can improve n revive my music school as the current situation I only left less than handful of students n barely survive b felt like giving up n seek other opportunities elsewhere

  4. Hola Gideon, appreciate your feedback as always and so glad that my sharings has been helpful. Pleasant day! 😊

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