S01E06: Nina Othman, Founder of Grow The Goose

In this week’s episode, I speak to Nina Othman of Grow The Goose.

I was first introduced to Nina through a friend and the quirky name – Grow The Goose – caught me.

nina othman grow the goose
Nina Othman is a social entrepreneur who loves teaching children how to be financially smart
while doing good for the community.

This Malaysian social entrepreneur admitted that she made a few entrepreneurial starts and stops in the past before she found her passion in Grow The Goose.  

She launched her first Grow The Goose programme in 2015 for her friends’ children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Besides running programmes in schools, she works with banks such as Hong Leong Islamic Bank where she conducts workshops for its clients’ children under the bank’s Junior Savings Account Campaign. She also works with Maybank Investment Bank for its empowerment and enrichment sessions for the Orang Asli children in Banting, Selangor.

Nina didn’t start out wanting to be a social enterprise or even run financial literacy programmes for children.

Grow The Goose happened because her two sons came to her one day and asked for roller shoes.

Listen as Nina tells how she got her boys to put on their thinking caps to earn their own money and how her suggestion turned into a business of teaching children how to save while also nurturing their entrepreneurial skills. 

Instagram @GrowTheGoose
LinkedIn: Nina Othman
Instagram: @Nina_Othman

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