Speaking At Intel WIN e-Forum

Last week (19 May 2023), I was invited to be a panelist at the closed-door Intel e-forum named Intel WIN. It is a quarterly e-programme that strives to showcase women leaders to their Intel women and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this was the first time they invited external speakers.

Titled Grow, Grit, Resilience, the e-forum was well attended by their Intel women employees.

Initially, it was supposed to be a 3-woman panel but one couldn’t make it and so it was just me and Esugasini Subramaniam (Suha). Suha is the Director of SIG Global Operation, Supply Chain and Engineering of Micron.

Suha and I had a fabulous time talking about leadership, challenges, failures and lessons learnt. We both realized we had much in common. It’s always fun to be on panel sessions where I end up making friends! It’s definitely a great way to network and be known for one’s expertise.

I wrote about this in my business blog so check out the full article here.

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