Season 6 Starts 17 March

We are back this year with Season 6 and what a line-up of heartfelt stories we have for you.

This coming Friday, we start with a two-part episode in conjunction with International Women’s Day that features Maaike Doyer, founder and managing partner of Epic Angels, an angel investor network in Singapore.

This two-parter episode was insightful as I sat down to speak to Maaike. She talked openly about angel investing and how she originally intended to find female-led startups for her own investment and ended up turning it into Asia-Pacific’s largest female collective that funds female startup founders in Asia.

This two-parter kickstarts Season 6 which will run from March to June featuring a total of 14 episodes.

Season 6 is yet another stellar line-up of inspiring Asian women in Asia with brilliant insights and empowering entrepreneurship tales like no other!

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