Season 4 Opens This Week

Have you been waiting for Season 4? Well, the wait is almost over as my new season starts this week. If you’ve been a regular listener, you know I publish new episodes each Friday once the season starts. And the season starts this Friday!

Before that, I hope you listened to my trailer episode for this season.

This season, I have had such great conversations with my guests with insights that are candid as they are funny. I believe this season is incredible because I’ve become better at asking the right questions and yes, even the editing is improved. And I hope you are ready to be intrigued by your perspectives and assumptions about entrepreneurship too. I know I have.

I’ve always believed in continuous improvement and I hope you will hear the improvements through this season’s episodes! And as always, subscribe to my list so that you’d be updated when a new episode airs.

(And if you’re looking for some snippets of our interviews in video formats, check out our Womenpreneur Asia Youtube channel. Please like and subscribe and share this with your friends if you like the clips.)

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