Season 3 Starts Today And There’s More…

Excited to announce that Season 3 starts today with my first episode of the season with Yuka Imanishi of CURIO Japan! Check out her episode and her story!

This season is exciting for many reasons – I spoke to a number of women entrepreneurs from all over Asia – India, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and of course, Malaysia.

I’ve also curated a diverse range of businesses from women in manufacturing to women in artistic businesses to women who are in the chocolate business to women who make fitness apparel! And then there are the women who are investors as well as women who start hotels and build schools. Amazingly inspiring women from India to Japan.

As always, I publish a new episode every Friday for the next 13 weeks. If you are new here, have fun exploring the last two seasons – Season 1 and Season 2.

If you’re a regular listener, see if you can spot some new stuff that I added to Season 3 episodes. And if you do, email me and who knows, there could be a prize for you.

And don’t forget to subscribe to my list – I drop an email each time a new episode goes up so this means you’ll be notified quickly.

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