Penang Monthly Features Womenpreneur Asia

I am super duper excited as my story about starting Womenpreneur Asia has been published by Penang Monthly, a publication of Penang Institute.

Penang Monthly represents the voice of Penang, chronicling the stories and news of the community in Penang. It also features interesting analyses and reports on politics, economy, culture and society.

penang monthly krista goon podcast article
Penang Monthly is a physical as well as e-format magazine.

This comes at the right time as I am about to kick off Season 2 middle of this month. And for Season 2, I have such an amazing guest line-up that I am positive you will love the upcoming 13 episodes. (And I also have a bonus episode too!)

I have been truly blessed in many ways and this opportunity to write about my podcasting journey has helped me enable other women too.

In fact, I just texted Lay Pheng (you can listen to her episode here) since she was one of the three women I briefly wrote about in my article and she said that “a financial consultant called me up after listening to your podcast about me. The financial institution invited me to share my journey with its clients!”

I was delighted for her and the doors that are opening for her as well as for my other women guests.

I would like to thank Sharmila Ganapathy because this friend pushed me to go out and tell my podcast story to the media. I was having lunch with her sometime last year and she was excited for me and told me I had to get my story out. She was really cute as she even drafted angles that I could use to pitch the media!

Sharmila, you enabled me so that I could enable more women! Thanks babe!

And now here’s the article I wrote about my Womenpreneur Asia journey for Penang Monthly titled “Penangite Launches Podcast Featuring Women Entrepreneurs”.

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