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I was invited to share my thoughts as a podcaster in a FB Live today with 9 Singaporeans as part of CreativesAtWork, a Singapore media agency live stream. The one-hour live stream was shared among 10 of us speakers and we each had 5 minutes to talk about what we saw as key trends for audio content.

I joined Adeline Leu of the Singapore CPF Board; Raven Lim of MeaVox Live, a consulting and training startup to build the podcast ecosystem in Asia; Acid Pang who is a choir conductor and music producer; Kyle Ong of Ghost Maps podcast; Adwin Lim of Audio-Technica; Ng Sze Min of Artwave Studio; Alex Oh who is well-known film composer, producer and pianist; Fang Yu of KC Global and producer of AXN Asia’s Fey Hollow series and Loh Yen-Lyng, the podcast host for CreativesAtWork’s podcast series – The Freelance Creative Exchange and most recently, the Uncool series.

I am quite honoured as I was the only Malaysian among the Singaporeans – among them was a producer with AXN Asia, a film producer, a musician, a podcast consultant, a creative audio producer and more.

Watch below.

Some of the takeaways from this session:

  • Audio is just starting on its uptrend in Asia and if you’re looking for an exciting way to share your stories, thoughts, brand leadership and ideas, consider audio content.
  • Audio content isn’t all about podcasts; what about audio books, audio articles and audio short stories? (Check out Kyle Ong’s Ghost Maps podcast which is audio storytelling.)
  • Have a plan in mind when you’re launching your audio content. What’s the end goal for your audio content?
  • Niche it down. More than ever, there’s a niche that’s unexplored and that’s where you can come in with your spin or take on audio content. My niche is specifically on Asian women entrepreneurs in Asia. Although it’s a niche, it is also huge as I get to tap into Asian women in business from India to Korea!
  • Audio is immersive, intimate, personal and this augurs well if you’re looking to bring your audience closer to you.
  • The rise in smart audio equipment like ear buds, Bluetooth speakers and sound bars bring audio content right into your home and wherever you choose to listen to the audio – while out jogging, cleaning the house, walking the dog or cooking.
  • The rise in Zoom fatigue also means people are more willing to switch off visuals and focus on auditory when they’re looking to relax or chill after a long work from home day.
  • Sharing stories or educating people via snippets of snappy information is going to become even more significant moving forward. Even the Singapore CPF Board is using podcasting as a way to educate its CPF contributors.
  • What about audio onboarding of your team and employees? This is also another form of audio content used in the business context. Or audio training for your team.
  • Audio advertising is the next big thing too.
  • Everyone is listening to some form of audio content be it music, news or podcasts on their smartphones.
  • Streaming habits are also changing where people enjoy audio content at home instead of during a commute to work (as it used to be in the past).
  • Audio content can be repurposed into articles, books and training.
  • Audio is not just for startups or businesses; even big name corporations are putting money into audio seriously as evidenced by the AXN Asia’s crime thriller podcast, Fey Hollow (which is brilliant storytelling with superb sound effects).
  • Audio content for non-profits, agencies and businesses is going to be on the rise too.
  • While audio content is great, don’t forget that the other 50% of its success lies in marketing. Without marketing, your audio will be lost in a sea of audio content!

What do you think of audio content? What do you see as emerging trends for audio content for your own business or organisation? Share your thoughts below.

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