Featured in SAITO Graduate School’s The Pulse For International Women’s Day 2022

It was a lovely surprise when I was contacted by SAITO Graduate School in late February when they were putting together their International Women’s Day e-publication, The Pulse. In this special edition, they compiled stories of 100 women in Malaysia about breaking biases and overcoming hurdles in life.

Here’s what I wrote for them. (To read all the other women’s stories, go to: https://saitogradschool.edu.my/thepulse)

What guides you in your life?

Each of us is unique and capable of contributing to the world around us if we know ourselves deeply, are optimistic and resourceful and know that doing good for its own sake is its own reward. I love seeing people grow and transform by empowering them through my business, podcast and community work. My mission is to help them envision richer and more meaningful lives! 

What has been most meaningful/valuable to you?

Helping our clients go from unknown to known on digital and seeing their business grow as a result of working with us is satisfying. As I conduct a lot of training and webinars, it is valuable to know that people have used the marketing advice, website strategies and digital knowledge that I’ve shared to transform their businesses and lives.

What has been your greatest challenge?

Stopping myself from doing too many things at one time as I have a tendency to get excited about projects and everything related to business and marketing!

What was your breakthrough moment?

When I started my podcast, Womenpreneur Asia, in the middle of the pandemic despite not knowing everything when I started. With 46 episodes and more coming, I am pleased I started this because it offers a powerful platform to empower and inspire even more women by sharing stories of Asian women entrepreneurs with the rest of the world. 

What is your greatest strength?

My ability to strategize and focus as well as my ability to think win-win-win. Thinking win-win-win means a win for me, for the other person and for the community around me – it means my solution must benefit everyone. Case in point, my podcast. 

What advice would you give women today?

It takes some time but once you have discovered what you can do, do it well and do it with pride. Decide what you stand for – your core values and principles – and use them to help you be firm and decisive whenever you’re in a dilemma or need to make a tough decision. Be fully comfortable with who you are – your strengths and weaknesses – find ways to make your strengths stronger and understand your weaknesses without being overly critical. Learn to forgive yourself for past mistakes and always move forward towards better relationships and situations in life. In the end, everyone is running their own race so run your own race and run it well. 

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