S04E01: Jomie Casas, Founder of Just Rent A COO, The Philippines

It came to a point where I decided to close that company and start something else. And that’s really where things changed almost a hundred per cent for me. And I had to ask myself, okay, what should I do now with my life? Should I do the responsible thing? Because as you know, once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur.

Jomie Casas

In this first episode of Season 4, I am speaking to Jomie Casas who is the founder of Just Rent a COO from The Philippines. 

At Just Rent A COO, Jomie and her team help their clients run their businesses on autopilot so that their clients can fall in love with their business again. 

jomie casas rent a coo
“The biggest thing would be the decision to build a business around the life I wanted and
promising to never ever compromise that, ” says Jomie Casas of Just Rent A COO.

While most of us run businesses in a specific location, Jomie decided to build a business that is location independent and one that is designed around her lifestyle and love for travel. This mom of a toddler is still raring to travel once travel restrictions are lifted or when she and her partner has had enough of living in Germany, where they are now based. 

Interestingly, Jomie decided to live the life that she wants while questioning assumptions about life, family, travel and more. She didn’t start out running a remote business – in fact, she ran an e-commerce business in The Philippines before selling the entire business and jumping on a plane headed to Singapore! 

I worked, I did everything, but I wasn’t happy. And so I dropped all that and decided, okay, for once let’s be irresponsible and just go and travel. And so that’s what I did.

Jomie offers up her favourite quote, “If it was easy, everyone would do it” and said that something great was always behind every difficult, life-changing decision she made. 

Her favourite authors include Simon Sinek as she remarked that his thought leadership helped formulate a lot of principles she uses in business and Andrew Henderson who wrote The Nomad Capitalist blog which jumpstarted her nomadic life.

“Start with Why is fundamental for me. Every person I hire for my team – whether temporarily or permanently – gets asked a question related to that book,” Jomie remarks. 

About her biggest milestone, she adds, “The biggest thing would be the decision to build a business around the life I wanted and promising to never ever compromise that.”

In today’s episode, Jomie spoke about:

  • The assumptions she had that prevented her from living her life to the fullest
  • Turning a perceived weakness into a superpower 
  • How she left her entire life back in The Philippines because of her love for travel
  • Starting over as the best decision she had ever made 
  • Why and how she started a lingerie business (it has something to do with being Catholic!)
  • The two most significant things she did that grew her e-commerce business quickly 
  • The advantages and disadvantages of a nomadic lifestyle (and it’s really not for everyone)
  • The complexity of building and managing remote teams and managing clients she has never met in person
  • How she inspires clients to trust her and her business of running their business

This time I want to build the life that I want first. And how can I support this? How can I support this life that I want, that I really want? You know, it’s not something that I want 10 years from now. It’s the life I want right now. What can I do right now? And if the desire is strong enough, I realized you’re really, really going to find a way. And for me, I just decided that at that point, I wasn’t going to compromise what I wanted out of my life.

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